Via our companies terra polaris (specialised agency for Spitsbergen) and Spitsbergen Tours with its own hiking and trekking programs, we can offer to you day excursions (hiking, boat, etc.), but also longer programs as a supplement to your campsite stay.

Precondition for all excursions: suitable weather, terrain and sea/ice conditions, plus reaching of eventual minimum numbers of participants.

Bookings: Vacant capacities provided, the campsite attendant can book for you these programs also on short notice, for instance the day before (usually no lower "last minute" rates, though). A disadvantage: that late, sometimes everything on the excursion of interest may be booked already or in other cases, the excursion may have been cancelled already due to insufficient advance bookings - often lacking only few bookings due to low minimum numbers.
Therefore, a booking well in advance should be considered, as this secures you places and improves the predictability of your schedule during your stay.


On the following subpages, you will find informations to the excursion offers, which then can be requested by e-mail at terra polaris: info@terrapolaris.com und terrapolaris@gmx.net (using both addresses at the same time reduces risks of losses).

> Day hiking and sightseeing excursion and multiday excursions

> Day fjord cruises


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